Product Description

specially made for that thick oil you have or your favorite terpene or cbd oil …     works extremely well with runny oils as well as thicker oils ***** yet for hard shatter / etc. non full melt .. I recomend one of our other cartridges — **** feel free to contact us and we will fit you into the perfect tool for your needs ! …

this is our only cartridge that uses ni-chrome coils instead of our true titanium2 — we found during testing – it gave a much better flow … especially with our internal cbd oils ..

We set this up as a refillable and reusable Cartridge … and kept taste just as important as the medical grade requirement !      we combined the tough  ni-chrome with our special kiln ceramic wicking —

this combination has created an amazing tool for your thick cbd medicines or thin THC and other concentrates —

This also works so very well  for peeps who still use propylene glycol to make a nice mixture for smooth vape product !  Others have had amazing luck combining shatter and wax with CBD oil (do this instead of the propylene glycol mix)     — this is a great way to medicate on the go — very small and sleek  — yet holds a lot of concentrate and packs a healthy and tasty punch !

will be back in stock both online and in all dispensaries by september 28th