This is the followup after 2 years of testing and developing new coils / elements and air flow systems for others as well as our in-house KindMD brand ….


This has our newest airflow control – KindMD “troposphere” system in and out of the coil !

DUAL THERMAL PROTECTION !!!!!     this is a game changer for this alone …..


we will be introducing 2 new heating elements for the winter !             but this system will not only handle the new coils but will handle all KindMD heating elements … MOST IMPORTANT of course is the adaptability with all MD-72 heating elements as well as all SlimSS parts !

This is a great addition to your KindMD family . but is also an amazing starting point for someone just getting into treatment !


(We have an XL version that is coming right behind this setup —         it basically triples the hold content and will allow over 1 gram easy into each kind-concentrate-cup !         while not destroying the medicine and also has a new KindMD feature which is an attachment allowing for full dab element support !