KindMD md-72 element head ceramic element (0.80 OHM)


head (ceramic element) & (Kind-healthsponge titanium2 wicking) .80 OHM

(comes with brand new airflow screw cap !!!!!      — another game changer for high heat ! )


– 1 pack


– 6 pack


Product Description

This is a special …. brand new ceramic MD-72 Heating elements —

We were so very happy to receive our MD-72 SlimSS ceramic heating element cups — after so much testing of many of the KindMD different lines —- we were excited about a small mistake — 🙂
they put the ceramic elements for our next line into our current cups …. and ohhh boy what a treat !

yes we still have included the kind titanium sponge — but after these other changes — it really doesn’t need a wick IMO …..
— it reminds me as close as I’ve seen to the old therma???? feel —
it is similar in some ways to the ceramic units we have seen out thur but the actual construction is totally different (FASTER HEaT UP / cool down TIMES) and of course no lead — special stainless steel and copper welded in heated oven well over 600 degrees –
but these not only fit so perfect leaving a perfect circle around the outer edge to catch the yummy medicine before being hit by the power of the ceramic ! …… these heat up soooo fast at 3.3v or 3.6v but can bring it WAYY up too ! but they also cool down SOOOOO fast which is why the wicking isn’t as necessary as old styles —
im not going to question the engineer after i couldn’t believe the difference myself – i was floored since ceramic elements have not been on my top list ! — yet he explains it has to do with the new composition, the new interior airflow — the air of course comes from below and the middle — but cyclones to the new style top allowing super fast cool down of medicine keeping the terpenes in tact ! i was very surprised to taste the difference –and feel it – I then gave it a try with our new wickings – both the kindstone and the titanium kind sponge – but felt the wicking worked so much better for true aromatherapy and also 4 using thin oils and perfect for using the benefits of terpenes at low temps for long times with the meds suspended above the element for longer periods b4 reaching the bottom —



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