KindMD “Traditional” Hash / OIL SHATTER ATTACK *back in STOCK 4 OCTOBER *

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this is just perfect for your favorite flavor — and just screams !    “take me with you on tha go !!!!! ”

can work nice as low as 3.3v == ideal @ 3.7v to 3.9v  but all depends on the materials !           can push this one above 4v as well !


Of course no solder or glue at all —   this setup is so simple and basic — yet as amazing as you can get ! if you are looking for healthy and tasty option ! here u go !

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Incredible in so many ways —–

like most — You started with a version like this style or maybe the old globe style —…   we all started someplace —        this is a tool to start with in a very simple setup … and you love all the way through each day  !!!!

This all around wax cartridge has been used by dispensaries to keep their favorite medicines in .. and sell .5 directly inside ready to go — yet it is also perfect to use as a re- usable set-up — its too simple to pass up !
The kindMD “NEW traditional hash atomizer” is a great start for the new user or perfect for the experienced user who knows just how they like to medicate ! It produces what you need instantly with no setup time @ all ! Consistent hits and great for home and travel ! TASTY–

we manufacture a few different models — we can make certain adjustments according to customer requests !



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    perfect for full day trip ! one fill and go !

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