SLIMSS KindMD (full wax / oil medical grade cartridge)


This is our #1 selling and longest tested Medical Grade cartridge …. We have taken so much time & effort to develop and make this a long lasting amazing tool which can be used alone or with the rest of the KindMD line of goodies !

Made from the finest materials available of course  .. and created especially for our community …


This cartridge can really do it all and certainly can be your daily goto unit !      Once the ceramic MD-72 and Titanium2 MD-72 have been added to this unit as well as the new glass globe …  THE POSSIBILITIES and options ARE ENDLESS !    LOW-TEMP and High Temp vaping or long term aromatherapy depending on your mood !             and you can feel so comfortable about your health every time you use !            Enjoy this my friends !

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Product Description

KindMD – the “SlimSS” made with 100 quality stainless steel … we use no glues in our building and also NEVER use solder on any cartridges* — we use all pieces that fit perfect and have passed our rigid testing results allowing them to fall into our “medical grade” cartridge line. VERY IMPORTANT 2 US ALL ! This cartridge has been our flagship base and cartridge system since we started our heating element testing process bout 18 months ago — The base went through 2 changes basically giving it the perfect airflow for a combination of set-up systems for different user styles and needs ! It was essential during testing but also developed into an amazing daily cartridge ! This is quality and you will feel it even in the look , feel and weight for just starters ! We have used only O-rings and other options to stay away from glues and soldering — and have done some amazing things inside with airflow learning how very important it is to the entire experience! This is another area we are always evolving with !

This unit is based around our MD-72 line of heating element coils / cups ! we have been using this style / shape / materials (md72) for 2 years now and after many upgrades this is our 4th generation and includes 2 distinctive different heating element choices ! We do this to be there for all our customers …. All our elements are tested till no ends for safety and have been built from the ground up with surgical grade materials since this is a medical tool ! The safety and your experience is so important to us !

-Our main element can be used for low temp dabbing/vaping of your medicine — works incredibly well with shatter,wax and oil since our special “KindStone” wicking eats up the material then applying it directly to the tight wrapped titanium2 heating element coil.. a perfect combination that not only allows for an amazing tasty LONG session but certainly conserves your medicine at the same time due to our developed technology in the MD72 (this comes in a sub-ohm version @ .80OHM and another beautiful 1.5OHM coil … both using our “TRUE” Titanium2 wrap which makes contact below with no solder or glues at all !!!!!

-Our newest member to the MD-72 family is our CERAMIC heating element — we used the same cup – but completely rebuilt the interior ceramic cup ! The cup now has a side airflow “flume” line and wraps under the element coming up through the middle allowing for a center , below & side airflow combo which when combined with the special “turbine” cap creates a small tornado inside the cup when closed ! — this allows the medicine to not just sit on the bottom and burn up – it heats up super fast and cools down just the same ! and as just enough lands on the element it pushes up an amazing huge tasty vape cloud ! We recommend this for larger hits and this is very tasty as well ! It does eat up more concentrates .. and creates more of a dab / high heat type vape system ! * can be used in combination with our special titanium2 sponge for low temp terpene therapy and true aromatherapy ! also comes in @ .80 OHM

*****  I will add many new reports about positive use with the titanium sponge — (   use at low temp / low voltage to get the concentrate to move around the sponge — then after some amazing terpene hits — turn it up to your temp or 3.6v and then start hitting off — lasts a surprising amount of time !!! — also you may want to use the glass top with this system due to the extra heat of the convection  !   (this will be solved with our future thermal base !!!!! )

Purchase the SLIMSS glass top as an added feature — fits perfect and allows to see whats going on ! also stays very cool during aromatherapy !

Our future .. next generation will focus on a new selective airflow system controlled 100% by the user as well as duo thermal protection

.. but this base is key to all our heating elements — since we have developed and tested all our heads and heating element cups off of this base ! so it all works so well in combination with one another ! and as the KindMD experience advances you will be able to simply and inexpensively swap out the base or any part and will find ALL KindMD products are interchangeable and even years from now you can have faith this will hold true — even if a few may need adapters all kits will include of course !! You will always have a tasty enjoyable and safe experience from aromatherapy to full vapor production !

Additional Information


EGO 510 threading, MOD 510 threading

Heating Element

.80 OHM-CERAMIC, 1.50 ohm, SUB OHM – .80 ohm

Mouthpiece Choices

Silicone Tip Black, Silicone Tip Grey, Stainless Steel Tip

BONUS heating element

6 Packs, None