TRUE i30 Battery


Kind MD  i30 Variable Voltage and variable watt battery unit !

(this may look the same as others — but has been specially made with some special KindMD ONLY FEATURES ! )

perfect for all cartridges — with control from 2v – 8v !!!

also no 10 second lockout !    Can operate for up to 60 seconds for aromatherapy sessions and long hit cartridges !

extra thermal protection – new threading strength –

made together with a special team at ELEEF — it has all the features expected from ELEEF with all the quality you get from KindMD

Pass-Through power as well from usb / a/c cord adapter included

Sub-Oum and also includes EGO adapter


our next level battery has 3 major companies working together !!!!   available soon

5 in stock


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we have a few in stock currently — will have more next week — september 24th !

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